How Can I Help?

Please click here to donate to our legal defense fund.  This fund is controlled by the JCU Faculty Council (elected representatives of the faculty) for the purpose of covering legal fees.

We are currently in the midst of fighting to stop the Board of Directors from dismantling tenure at John Carroll University.  They are intent on granting the power to the president and provost to terminate individual tenured faculty in the event of "budgetary hardship."  Terminated faculty would have no right of appeal.  This threatens the academic freedom of every professor at the institution.

In the event of an administration declaration of “budgetary hardship,” due to observed and projected deficits, alumni gifts or other grants to the university will not save faculty jobs.  The administration has indicated that gifts to the university are not counted as “structural” elements of the budget.  This means that fundraising from alumni donors would not prevent the declaration of "budgetary hardship" -- individual faculty members could still be terminated, regardless of how healthy the university’s overall finances remain.

Despite faculty overtures to the administration and the Board to work on ways to address projected University budget shortfalls within the confines of the mutually agreed upon contract, they have chosen to redefine fundamental relationship between JCU and its faculty, leaving faculty members tenured in name only.

The only way to prevent this short-sighted policy is to fight it in court.  If you want to help the faculty keep academic freedom and quality going strong at John Carroll, please consider donating to our legal fund via PayPal.

If you prefer to send a check by mail, you can make your check out to:

JCU Faculty Council Legal Fund

and mail it c/o:

Yi Shang, Faculty Council Secretary

Department of Education and School Psychology

John Carroll University

1 John Carroll Blvd

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