Save John Carroll University
"People are trying to leave" News 5 Cleveland
"The Board's decision will devalue the quality of a JCU education and will likely push JCU down in national rankings..."

Dr. Robert A. Krebs, President, CSU Faculty Senate

"The de facto elimination of tenure (via this low bar of “budgetary hardship”) identifies the university with employment practices that have no place in American higher education."

American Historical Association

"Without strong tenure protections, JCU faculty will be limited in what they research and how they teach.... Students will suffer as a result, as will the reputation and brand of the university as a place for innovation."

American Philosophical Association

"...abandoning the principle of tenure is to all intents and purposes removing one’s institution from the community of quality American nonprofit higher education institutions."

Modern Language Association

"I am no longer certain that I will be protected to teach and conduct research in a manner consistent with my values. "

Anthony Tarescavage, Ph.D. (JCU Professor)

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High quality student-teacher interaction is the foundation of education.  On March 1, the JCU Board of Directors did substantial damage to that relationship by unilaterally granting themselves the right to fire tenured faculty without cause if the University declares a “budgetary hardship.” 

This effectively ends tenure at JCU and immediately chills academic freedom. Faculty will no longer feel free to challenge students’ perceptions for fear they can be fired.  

The Board's decision devalues the quality of a JCU education and will almost assuredly lower our national rankings with US News & World Report and Bloomberg’s.  Since professors will always prefer institutions that value academic freedom and tenure, JCU professors suddenly have a strong incentive to seek new employment, and hiring high quality new faculty will become much more difficult.  

Because the Board of Directors does not really understand how a university works or what professors really do, they’ve adopted a policy that will do significant damage to the University.  

We need your help in making them understand. Help us Save JCU.

Speak out.  Learn more.  Donate.

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